Situation: Badalona (Barcelona)
Client: Elvick Residencial
Construction: 2021
Area: 680 m2
Cost.: 360.000 €
Team: Numatec S.L.


The building adapts to the volume established by the planning, an apartment block between diving walls with two flats per floor. On the ground floor there are two flats independently accessible from a private outdoor space for each of them. These flats have a loft, removed 3m from the façade, so the rooms of the day area such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom are located on the ground floor at street level, while the more private rooms such as bedroom and another bathroom are located on the loft. The first and second floors are the same and consist of two apartments with two bedrooms each and an outdoor balcony space. The third floor also has two apartments. One of them is on the corner, has three bedrooms and a balcony. This also has a private terrace space on the roof, accessible from the common terrace. The other apartment has access to the undercover. From this level you have access to this apartment’s private used terrace. Each flat ventilates on one of the two facades of the building, where the access staircase, located next to the dividing wall of the neighbor on Tarragona Street, also ventilates. All rooms in the flats have direct natural lighting to the outside, without the use of patios..