Concepts establish an order, an inner quality that formalizes the syntax of each project: an identity. When we perceive the various fragments of a work through our senses, the idea allows us to compose them with a coherent logic. Architecture is born when concepts interweave with our senses.


The site of a building is one of the most important ingredients for its design. It is its physical and conceptual base. We understand the building as part of its surroundings —integrated— and it provides meaning to its situation. Architecture is not so much about placing itself into the landscape, but to unveil the site and explain it to its users. The architectural plot should be a poetic and sensible experience between the environment and the visitor.


Our architecture wants to stimulate the experience of space, time, light and materials. These phenomena can be sensed in any room: the sun rays through a window, the diffused light of a passing by cloud, color and reflections of the finishes of a wall, the rough texture of the flooring, the fresh breeze entering through a door… all these elements have an integral relation with the work. The materials of architecture communicate to themselves, like instruments in a musical composition. Natural phenomena that can be sensed on the materials of an environment transmit feelings of excitement and joy.


It is a responsibility for us to have a clear vision about the efficiency of a project at both energetic and economic levels. We believe that sustainable approach to construction is an obligation to the future of our environment. An imaginative design is fundamental to innovative architecture more respectful with the built surroundings and our future needs.