Client: Kagran municipality
Area: 3.200 Ha
Competition: Europan 12 (2013)
Team: Jordi Safont-Tria, Anna Gutiérrez, Álvaro Cuéllar
Collaborators: César Córdoba, Paulo Bórquez, Rodrigo Álvarez, Asunción López Colom, Ana Marquina Serrano


The oportunity: double scale

Within this reality without identity, reflection area is distinguished by its geographical location, which had a double purpose. On the one hand, territorial infrastructure gives it a high connectivity to the center of Vienna, allowing understand this passage as a new “gateway” to the central city. On the other hand, the appearance of the new tram station Kagran is the opportunity to generate a cross-connection with other fragments that make up the metropolitan periphery, becoming a new “landmark”.

The strategy: Urbanity container

To respond this dual context and scale, we propose to repair the recycling of this wedge of land in a container of civility. Taking advantage of the high accessibility, it is proposed to introduce new uses current trade mixed, more differentiated spaces and increasing urban intensity. This strategy takes into account the changing urban rhythms that affect these processes, and the necesity to introduce energy-environmental logic. The result is a new space to inhabit, a interesting and interior world open to every change.

The news: enviromental , infrastructural, economical and social input allow us thinking a really urban transformation , even though the difficulty because of the straight and inforced infrastructure location beside the Site.